White Collared: A White Collar Podcast

Burke's Seven

July 01, 2022 Eric Alton-Glenn Hilliard Season 2 Episode 10
White Collared: A White Collar Podcast
Burke's Seven
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Discussion is on Season 2, Episode 10 entitled Burke's Seven. Hosted by Eric Alton-Glenn Hilliard.

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  4. White Collar Company Man Transcript
  5. New Podcast Apps
  6. Fugue/dissociative amnesia
  7. Betting the chalk
    1. The Phrase Finder (Betting the Chalk)
    2. Real Online Gambling (What Does Chalk Mean in Betting?)
  8. Human hearing
    1. Sound Engineering Academy (Human Voice Frequency Range)
    2. Stack Exchange - Linguistics (Why are the names of some letters hard to understand on the telephone?)
  9. Escaping handcuffs
    1. Atlas Obscura (How To Escape From Handcuffs)
    2. Instructables (How to Escape From Handcuffs : 3 Steps)
  10. Fractals / Fractal Antenna
    1. Wikipedia (Fractal Antenna)
    2. Medium (Fascinating Fractal Applications)
    3. University of Waterloo (Top 5 applications of fractals)
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